Illegal immigrant tuition: Why should we subsidize criminal activity?

March 07, 2011

Regarding the article "Senate to take up tuition break for undocumented students" (March 7) I am increasingly appalled by politicians who, for the sake of gaining votes, want to offer financial incentives for criminals. Yes, they are criminals. They are here in the U.S. Illegally, and that makes them criminals. Not "New Americans," as they have not done what is needed to be legal citizens.

The argument that we should do whatever we can to educate high school seniors who are here illegally is ridiculous. How about this: No public education at all for people that are here illegally (we call them criminals). No health care other then immediate life saving care for people that are here legally. Then, and only then, will the drain on our limited resources stop.

The politicians should do what is right for those of us playing by the rules. Maybe our governor should take a trip just south of the border to see how U.S. citizens are treated there. And remember, your president affirms that our law enforcement people cannot be armed in Mexico. So lot's of luck with your security. I look forward to your report, El Gobernador.

Robert Schwartz, Baltimore

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