We need to discourage illegal immigrants, not subsidize them

March 07, 2011

In a day and age where our society and Congress look to help out everyone they can, even if it means going into a budget deficit, Maryland legislators have proposed another bill giving rights to people who aren't supposed to be living here. While we don't need to go to the lengths Arizona has taken to crack down on illegal immigration, it is wrong for us to support illegal immigrants.

Maryland's legislature is in the process of passing legislation to allow illegal immigrants in-state tuition for our community colleges and state colleges ("Bill would cut tuition for illegal immigrants," March 7). They have justified this law by saying students have to start from the bottom and work their way up, showing they are serious students. We don't reward American citizens when they break the law, so why should we reward illegal immigrants who have already shown they have no respect for our system by sneaking into our country illegally and not going through the proper set up channels? We should be moving to discourage them from coming to our state, not opening our doors; this will only cause citizens to bear the excess burden and to be kicked out of spots in four year colleges by students who are illegal.

Ryan McAllister, Severna Park

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