The Sun never runs out of ways to mock conservatives

March 07, 2011

Thank you for taking Mike Huckabee's remarks out of context, labeling them as crazy and ridiculing him for supporting traditional marriages, traditional families and pro-life values ("Huckabee takes over crazy where Sheen leaves off," March 6). Your techniques and attacks are consistent with the Sun's 20 Feb. article, "Some Catholics support gay marriage" and Julian Bond's letter to the editor of Feb. 22.

In the article, Del. Heather Mizeur, a Roman Catholic lesbian, is quoted as saying, "We will counter our opponents' extremism with love." Mr. Bond portrays Webster's current definition of marriage, the relation between a man and a woman who have become husband and wife, as a form of discrimination and bigotry. For The Sun to survive in a state with strong, liberal convictions, it must use all its means — news reports, editorials and columnists' articles — to relentlessly mock conservative views and portray their advocates as extremists, bigots or crazy.

Of all live births in America, 41 percent occur out of wedlock. The percentage is 61 percent for Hispanics and 75 percent for blacks. On Dec. 15, The Sun reported that fewer than 10 percent of city households fit the "traditional" mold of a married couple with children. Baltimore public schools underachieve, and the city has high drug addiction and crime rates. Could there be a correlation between the type of household structure and the city's problems? Liberals will likely say no and attribute the shortcomings to the government or society in general. Although Baltimore's family demographics do not depict a model worthy of emulation, for the sake of your liberal subscribers, please continue bashing traditional families without regard to national interests. To increase readership and protect your job, it is better to inflame than to enlighten.

Jerry Rodkey, Ellicott City

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