When pets become pests

March 07, 2011

I read with interest your article about proposed legislation to permit dog owners to bring their pets to outdoor dining sections at restaurants ("More eateries may proclaim 'bone appétit,'" March 7).  The article also suggested that eventually pets might even be allowed to accompany their owners inside the eateries.

I like dogs and cats. But I don't go on hiking trails, take walks around the neighborhood or go to festivals in order to experience other people's pets, leashed or unleashed.  And I have never gone to a restaurant to see dogs and cats.

Pet owners should not make the assumption that others desire their pets to be part of their restaurant experience.  Despite the domesticity of dogs and cats, I do not need to experience these animals' habits while trying to retain my appetite. 

Pets should not be near people food.  Ask any veterinarian. This legislation is a waste of taxpayers' money and legislators' time. 

Charles Herr, Baltimore

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