Open Baltimore towing to the free market

March 07, 2011

Paula Protani's letter ("Medallion towing system benefits Baltimore, residents," March 4) is exactly what anyone should expect to hear from someone whose monopoly status is threatened. She claims that "the medallion towers provide the city with quality, reliable service, quick response and regulated prices." The first question that should be asked of Ms. Protani is, "Compared to what?"

By what standard do medallion towers provide quality, reliable service, and a quick response? If those things are true, then medallion towers should have no problem competing on the free market without the use of government compulsion to force out competitors.

As for regulated prices, the claim that price regulation makes anyone better off is laughable. You need only look to other regulated markets to see how poorly such policies work. Companies competing on the free market, however, routinely produce products for consumers at affordable prices. Apple provides its consumers with a high quality, reliable and fast tablet computer at the low price of $500 without government favoritism.

In reality, Ms. Protani supports policies that are good for businesses, not consumers. These types of policies, and the people who support them, should be shunned.

Nickolaus Mueller, Baltimore

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