Let's get fresh

(Katrina Gillespie )
March 07, 2011|By Jasmine Wiggins

Welcome to Project Fresh, a blog about cooking, style, home design, and living the do-it-yourself lifestyle. Who am I?  I’m a simple girl, originally from Arizona, who somehow made it all the way to Baltimore (after many days of hitchhiking and only a sack of potatoes to sustain myself). Before I got here, I went to school at Northwestern for journalism, creative writing, with some art in there too.

I’m a designer by day at b, and I’m crazy about style and design in all areas of my life. I love pretty things, natural things, making things by hand, baking bread, making my house feel cozy, and making the people I love feel at home.

What’s the point of this blog? To share all of things I think are fabulous right now. I’ll be posting about the new spice I’m trying, what’s fresh at the farmer’s market, or what sandals are making me swoon right now.  I’ll post about the photograph that inspired me to redecorate my bedroom.  I’ll write about other crafters and artists doing interesting things.  Above all, my philosophy is “Simple is Beautiful,” and I’ll carry that philosophy throughout. This blog is part guide to living life better, part living inspiration journal, and part experimental voyage.

I will say I’m not perfect. (I recently made some brownies that were so stuck in the pan, I had to chisel them out. They tasted delicious though, I swear.) I’m a free spirit and I kind of live by trial and error. If I didn’t, I’d probably drive myself crazy.

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