Wind farms are the answer

March 06, 2011

Welcome to 21st-century energy, and none too soon considering Mother Nature's rebellion against our human treatment of her precious jewel, the Earth!

Coal energy was a brilliant idea in the 1700s as nuclear was in the 1900s. Welcome to the new energy supply of wind and sun which is coming today, tomorrow, or very, very soon. The naysayers will only be heard for so long before an idea whose time has come will be here!

Once wind farms are in place, beautiful, natural wind will be practically free. A long-term energy contract with our utility companies will introduce another energy source as a player. Since when did more competition cost consumers more money rather than less?

Suppose there had only been one car company — how much they could have charged? Wind power with coal and nuclear will help keep future energy prices lower and present prices stable. That's what a long-term contract will do. Pay for it now or pay for it later, it is on its way!

Sharon Bowyer

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