Verizon misses the mark

March 06, 2011

Dan Rodricks' Verizon experience sounds very familiar to me ("Last call for Verizon service," Feb. 22). My experience with Verizon has been worse than terrible.

"No telephone or Internet service? We'll schedule a technician to look into the problem in the next 10 to 14 days. Thanks for calling Verizon and have a wonderful day." The problem was Verizon's, not in my house.

Isn't Verizon a public utility? Isn't there some Public Service Commission oversight here? Maybe Dan could look into why the PSC allows this to happen.

Christopher D. Childs, regional president of Verizon operations in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, must live in Wonderland. Maybe he could list his personal phone number in The Sun so customers could call him when "Verizon's goal of providing the very best possible service" misses the mark.

Rick Sullivan

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