Drilling, not taxing, is the energy answer

March 05, 2011

In his letter to the editor ("Pain at the pump? Blame oil companies, not gas tax," March 3 ), Donald Torres wants everyone to be angry at the greedy oil companies and their huge profits and not with the General Assembly's plan to raise the gas tax another 10 cents.

Like all of us I hate the rising gas prices also. But what I find more appalling is that the General Assembly is jumping on the oil company bandwagon to get more money from us too. This is a time to cut more spending, not take more from its citizens. Mr. Torres goes on to state that these additional funds will create thousands of jobs in Maryland. There is no fact behind this statement. How many thousands of jobs have been created with the huge cigarette tax increases over the years ? Let me get this straight. When this gas tax increase becomes official, there will be thousands of new Maryland jobs advertised in The Sun the following week ?

Yes, oil companies make huge record profits, but they also pay billions in taxes and fees to whichever administration is holding office, Democrat or Republican. They employ hundreds of thousands of people with secure jobs who pay taxes. They spend more billions in geological research, drilling, refining and delivering. They suffer the costs, lawsuits and verbal attacks when there are accidents and spills.

The real issue today is that we need get off of foreign oil dependency. The United States has more oil, and natural gas inside its own territory and offshore to fill our needs for centuries. One example is the Bakken oil project located in Minnesota and North Dakota. Don't believe me, go to your computer, and as they say, "Google it." Investors have been making a fortune from this find for a few years. Along with our own oil, we need to increase our own nuclear energy. France is almost solely dependent on this. Russia, and China are following suit with huge nuclear energy programs of their own. Again, look it up. The environmentalists who fight to stop everything just don't get it.

As for profits, name me one business owner who doesn't want to make record profits. Even The Sun's owners would like that. If you are that angry at oil companies, stand by your convictions and stop driving. I'll be looking for bicycle riders on the beltway.

Gerry T. Deba, Reisterstown

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