French rail company deserves condemnation

March 05, 2011

As President of the Baltimore Jewish Council, a Holocaust Survivor and someone who testified at this week's Maryland legislative hearings on "Transportation-Procurement for MARC Train Service — Disclosure Requirements Regarding Involvement in Deportations" legislation, I want to applaud Chairman Joan Carter Conway and members of Maryland's Senate Education, Health and Environmental Affairs Committee, and Chairman Pete Hammen and members of the House Health and Government Operations Committee, who refused to ignore the truth about the French railway company SNCF's role in the deporting of Jews and other Nazi victims during World War II ("Lawmakers told railway must admit holocaust role," March 4). SNCF should be ashamed of its actions and should be rebuked.

Thankfully, it appears that our state's citizens will not have their taxes used to benefit companies that deserve nothing but condemnation.

Martha Weiman, Baltimore

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