Your turn: Are you taking a side in the NFL labor battle?

March 04, 2011|By Matt Vensel

The NFL and the players' union decided Thursday to extend the current collective bargaining agreement for an additional 24 hours so the two parties can continue to negotiate a new deal.

If they don't reach an agreement or push back the deadline again tonight, the players will be locked out, the union will dissolve and natural disasters will start to occur across the globe like we saw in "The Day After Tomorrow." It won't be pretty.

"For all our fans who dig our game, we appreciate your patience as we work through this," player's union executive director DeMaurice Smith said Thursday. "We are going to keep working. We want to play football."

And we all want them to play football, too, which makes it hard to pick sides as the owners and the players fight over billions of dollars. It's easy to say that these rich men should be able to work something out and save "the golden goose" from the guillotine, but both have a lot at stake here. The owners have put themselves at risk financially by purchasing teams, and we know about the physical toll the players pay to earn their sizable paychecks.

I don't have anything at stake in this battle besides blog hits, so it's hard for me to say how these men should divide their money. I'm just hoping they figure out a solution before training camp.

You tell me: Are you taking a side in the NFL labor battle?
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