Scouts Inc.: Flacco 'didn't take that noticeable step forward'

March 04, 2011|By Matt Vensel

The Ravens' season ended several weeks ago, but quarterback Joe Flacco remains a hot topic of discussion. So far this offseason we have heard that Flacco was irked by the firing of quarterbacks coach Jim Zorn, that coach John Harbaugh thinks the Ravens can "win championships" with Flacco and that the three-year veteran was the "king of holding the ball too long" in 2010.

Flacco came and remained under fire after the Ravens' stomach-punch playoff loss to the Steelers, and Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. says he "can understand why."

Williamson praised Flacco's arm and athleticism, and said that the Ravens need to help him out by finding him a vertical threat (well, one who they will actually throw passes to). But he belives Flacco deserves some of the blame.

"Expectations were high coming into the 2010 season, and Flacco had few turnovers and did not make a lot of mistakes overall," Williamson wrote in his "Pressure Point" post. "He also didn't have games where he just killed his team. But Flacco rarely took games over. ... In what has evolved into a passing league, more big games are needed. He just didn't take that noticeable step forward that many envisioned.

He added, "The Ravens' offense needs to be Flacco's offense, and it just isn't."

Williamson said that he is "not close to writing Flacco off," but he thinks Flacco must improve in 2011 "or more changes could be in the cards down the line" like we saw with the firing of Zorn.

Be sure to read the post to get all of the Flacco analysis from Scouts Inc. -- like you need me to tell you that.

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