Church and state

March 04, 2011

According to the Constitution, church and state are supposed to be separated and not interfere in the business of one another. So how is one to understand when the church interferes with the law by winning the right of free speech at the site of funerals of American troops who have fought bravely for the freedoms we enjoy today?

Many believe the church has made the military services worthless and that to fight means that God will not forgive those who defend the United States. They will have soldiers questioning whether it's right to go to war and kill the enemy if one will get dumped in Hell for it.

The Church has already raised the issue that God hates soldiers and this will surely hurt the military's attempt to recruit the best men possible. My 15-year-old cousin has already told me he is dropping his plans to enlist after high school because the thought of God hating him is more than he can stand.

The Church won this battle over "free speech" and now we as a nation will suffer the consequences of that 8-1 Supreme Court vote!

Ken J. Bower


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