Peter King doesn't know why the Ravens signed Stallworth

March 02, 2011|By Matt Vensel

Ravens fans imagined the possibilities when the team signed Donte' Stallworth last offseason. But by season's end, they were wondering why the Ravens bothered signing the fleet-footed wideout to a one-year deal if they weren't going to use him.

They weren't alone. Sports Illustrated's Peter King was also puzzled by the Ravens' inability to find a use for Stallworth, who had two catches for 82 yards and five rushes for 45 yards.

“I don’t know why the Ravens signed Donte’ Stallworth,” King told the team's website during the scouting combine. “They never took advantage of him all year long. Obviously, he was hurt at the beginning and then was inactive, but the second half of the season. There’s a deep speed threat."

King then took a shot at offensive coordinator Cam Cameron's predictable play-calling and Cameron's reluctance to draw up plays where the ball was thrown down the field to the fastest receiver on the team.

“The Steelers don’t take Mike Wallace and only use him on end-arounds," King said. "I couldn’t believe it.”

He added, “Next year, they’ve got to do more imaginative stuff."

Let's see what "Cam under fire" comes up with. Chances are he won't get a do-over with Stallworth, though. I would be surprised if he doesn't go elsewhere for an opportunity, one where he actually gets to catch footballs.

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