Utilities appeared to be doing their best after recent storm

March 02, 2011

We have read recently about outrage from customers and politicians regarding slow restoration of power to homes after bad weather. We have to say that our experience this week has been quite different.

A tree fell across our power lines last Friday afternoon. By that night, Baltimore Gas and Electric and Baltimore County had cleared the street and made the power lines safe. The next day, the four downed poles were replaced. Twelve hours later, the power was restored. The next day, the phone and cable companies restored service.

The servicemen were courteous and responsive, the effort well coordinated. Perhaps our experience was unusual, but we thought things went very well. We understand that a lot of chest-thumping by the governor plays well in elections, but we'd ask him to avoid fixing things that aren't broken. It looked like there is a lot more working well than otherwise to us.

Bill and Liz Cook, Catonsville

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