Officer Rivieri got a raw deal

March 02, 2011

Baltimore Police Commissioner Frederick H. Bealefeld III went too far when he fired Officer Salvatore Rivieri ("Judge upholds firing of officer in harbor skateboard incident," March 1). I was a business owner in South Baltimore and got to know Officer Rivieri personally. He treated his badge with respect and dignity, and only wanted the public to do the same.

The young man in the video and his parents should be proud that the city had someone on the force who cared about the wellbeing of the youths. I had been down the Inner Harbor on many days and all you saw were kids disrespecting other people and being rude. We finally had someone to step up and stand up for the city, and what did he get in return? Fired!

The police department's morale has dropped over the years and is getting worse. Many officers have left the city and gone to other jurisdiction's around the state. I personally have moved from the city and Maryland in general. As I read the article about Officer Rivieri it does nothing but turn my stomach. A man who served many years on the force and cared about his job everyday is now gone. The only thing the city needs is more officers like Mr. Rivieri and fewer like Commissioner Bealefeld, and Baltimore could return to its glory days when people respected officers and the city.

Leroy Yegge

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