Seal the Mexican border with troops

March 02, 2011

Bryant Bennett's article, "U.S. strikes at Mexican cartels in wide raids" (Feb. 25), was indeed welcome news, following the unfortunate death of the American special agent Jaime Zapata and the wounding of another agent.

In my opinion, this would never have happened if our government had sealed the Mexican border years ago and eliminated the distribution and utilization of these drugs and weapons by so many Americans, young and old, which is basically far more damaging to the safety and welfare of our country than some of our overseas military conflicts when you consider they are actually destroying the hearts and minds of so many of our young people, who no doubt, will be the future foundation and salvation of our United States.

There are also additional reports that the drug cartels are now also delivering more destructive items into the U.S. from other countries, which have been shipped into Mexico. In order to successfully seal the Mexican border, it appears that the U.S. authorities operating in this area should be reinforced by the services of our military personnel. If the pool of our military is insufficient to meet this challenge, then the reinstatement of the draft should be seriously considered, as it is paramount that these destructive drug cartel activities must be completely eliminated.

Quinton D. Thompson, Towson

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