Gays may be sitting in same church pew

March 02, 2011

I was both moved and disheartened by Robert Greene's expressions that gay marriage legislation garners traditional family values as disposable ("Gay marriage contradicts God's word," March 1). I am oddly grateful that he has taken the time to express views that oppose mine, which he felt were missing from The Baltimore Sun. In doing so he does us all a favor to see the insanity of this argument. I stand as strongly support of his expression of his views as I do in the belief that there is so much irrational fear of the unknown in this debate that equality may, in the long-run, lose out to the segregation of moral concern. But that is what makes the battle worth fighting.

Theological arguments aside, what his response fails to acknowledge is that in that same church pew sitting beside him is a gay man or woman with the same expectations of God's promises, or that in his disappointment of elected officials a gay voter is also "sold out" with compromise and a complete lack of representation by those voted into office. It isn't enough for him to encourage his representatives and Sunpaper readers to deny gay marriage. He would rather set his religious beliefs aside and convince the world of the logic that they are somehow less in their own relationships for allowing others to have theirs. The "devil" will be pleased to know that there are those who continue to polish the "apple." May God bless us all.

Jim Childress, Edgemere

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