There couldn't be a worse time to raise the gas tax

March 02, 2011

Are the politicians in this country, as well as the state, so brain dead and insensitive to the plight of the people of Maryland as to even consider a gas tax increase ("Mayor, county chiefs line up behind gas tax," March 2)?

The price of gas is rising daily, and these morons expect us to be able to pay 10 cents more. Where do they think we're going to get it from? It doesn't grow on trees. The public is not the savior for your past follies, and you had better pay attention to what your doing before you create a revolt.

How about closing off the Transportation Trust Fund from other uses and let it do the job it was originally designed to do. You've been robbing Peter to pay Paul, and now its caught up with you.

You wouldn't dare think of passing legislation that would take Wall Street oil and gas speculators out of the equation. This would certainly reduce the cost of a gallon of gas. No, of course not, they contribute too much money to your re-election war chest. Well go ahead and follow through with this one. I do believe the people of this state have finally realized what the power of their vote really is, and I believe they're going to use it again.

Dennis Larkin, Baltimore

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