What will they blame unions for next?

March 01, 2011

This seems to be the year to blame teachers unions for all the problems facing this country. If we had no teachers unions we'd have better schools, if we had no unions we could balance our budgets. If we tried we could probably blame unions for everything from unwanted pregnancies to bad teeth.

Perhaps we could ask if some of these problems are the fault of ourselves and elected officials who are often more interested in short term publicity and getting re-elected. We have a history of voting people out of office who try to give us honest judgments about problems. We all want instant gratification.

An example of this is the article by Peter Beilenson ("Stripping Planned Parenthood's funds would mean more abortions, not fewer," Feb. 24). Politicians score points by cutting off funds for Planned Parenthood. They disregard the long term consequences of sentencing people who are either emotionally or financially unready to have children to have them. We therefore create another generation who will be either emotionally or financially unready to have children. It has been shown the children who do best in school come from emotionally and financially stable families.

What we really need is some method of showing that our decisions have consequences. Maybe we should ask before we jump.

David Ingallls, Severna Park

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