Ravens' Harbaugh on Facebook, Twitter? 'It's a real slim chance'

February 28, 2011|By Matt Vensel

Do you want to like John Harbaugh on Facebook or follow the Ravens coach on Twitter? You do? Then I have sad news for you.

Despite the efforts of Ravens Senior Vice President of Public and Community Relations Kevin Byrne, Harbaugh has no plans to join Twitter. And he thinks it's "shocking" that hundreds of millions of people have Facebook accounts.

"I don’t think I’m ever going to be there on Facebook or Twitter," Harbaugh told Jerry Coleman of FOX 1370 Sports Radio late last week. "I think it’s a real slim chance that that’s going to happen."

To my knowledge, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll is the only NFL coach on Twitter -- please correct me if I'm missing someone -- and that's a carryover from his days at Southern California.

But may NFL players Tweet, and some have gotten in trouble for things posted on their accounts. There have been no social media scandals in Baltimore, and that's a credit to Byrne and his staff. The closest things to controversy have been fullback Le'Ron McClain campaigning on Twitter for more carries and offensive tackle Michael Oher getting fined for Tweeting during a game.

It's not that Harbaugh is afraid he'll say something he shouldn't have (you know, like telling his Twitter followers to go root for another team). He just doesn't have an interest in social media.

"I have a cell phone. I’ve got an email address. I’ve got texting. I’m into all that," he told Coleman. "I talk to players a lot through text but I don’t really want the whole world knowing my business personally."

Harbaugh said it's "shocking" that so many people belong to Facebook -- I'm sure the Farmville phenomenon would make his head explode -- so don't expect to friend request the coach any time soon.

"Why would 600 million people want everybody knowing what they’re doing all the time?" Harbaugh said said. "I don’t need people knowing all that stuff. Does that make me a throwback?"

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