Verizon to Rodricks: We're sorry

February 28, 2011

With regret, I read Dan Rodricks' column about his recent experience with Verizon ("Verizon service: Goodbye to all that," Feb. 21). I want to apologize to Mr. Rodricks for this experience. It's not one we're proud of, and it's not indicative of the experience of millions of Verizon customers in the mid-Atlantic region.

Our goal at Verizon is to provide the very best service possible to all of our customers. Unfortunately, we failed to do so in Mr. Rodricks' case.

We are reviewing Mr. Rodricks' experience in order to learn from it and prevent similar situations with other customers in the future.

Our employees work hard each day to earn our customers' loyalty and trust. And, we want to continue to be the company our customers can rely on for their communications, broadband and video needs.

Christopher D. Childs

The writer is regional president of Verizon operations in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

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