Gay marriage contradicts God's word

February 28, 2011

A great many of us are upset over Maryland's recent headlines saying legislators are on the verge of legalizing gay and lesbian marriage. We are upset with the politicians that we have entrusted to run our government and believe they have sold us out. We are upset with constant barrage of Hollywood productions that say homosexual relationships are a good and healthy and normal alternative to "boy meets girl" relationships. We are upset with our newspaper editors, including those at The Baltimore Sun, for choosing to support gay marriage, which we view as wrong on both moral and health grounds. So I came perilously close to cancelling my Sun subscription after the Feb. 25 editorial ("The gay marriage debate has changed," another upsetting endorsement of a trend that is seemingly overtaking America: States that recognize a formal relationship between two men or two women, as marriage. The only thing that stopped me was a very nice Sun agent who took my call and asked me to contact the editors. I know I am not alone in my anger over the Sun's editorial endorsement and have never seen a Sun writer publish an anti gay-marriage opinion.

Those of us who know the Bible know that it soundly condemns homosexuality, despite what some denominationalists say. I will not quote the exact book and verse because it is not popular to mention the Bible in secular newspaper editorials. However, It perplexes me that in a nation where so many millions of people go to church every Sunday and presumably read the Bible that contrastingly so many who have gained the public ear through media support what is in direct opposition to God's word.

If biblical teachings and Godly morality are removed from consideration, gay marriage is still upsetting. Seldom talked about, the sexual habits of homosexuals are unhealthy. Several studies have shown that men who practice sodomy are much more likely to contract STDs and HIV and have higher incidences of anal cancer and gonorrhea. In the Bible, God destroyed an entire city (Sodom) over his anger with this practice.

We are upset because the argument for gay marriage is out of step with orthodox Christianity and Judaism and is seen by those who know the Bible as mankind's way to make the Bible meaningless, and for man to insert his own sinful way. To put it another way, every time someone says that homosexuality is fine and gay marriage is just a "civil rights" issue, it feels like the devil handing us an apple to eat.

That the new legislation for gay marriage will eventually be defeated by a narrow majority via a referendum is no cause for rest because newspaper editors will continue to clamor for increasing gay rights. And I will continue to be upset because traditional family values seem so disposable.

Robert Greene, Severn

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