Gay marriage: Have we really thought this through?

February 28, 2011

When politicians present a bill with a name that seems inoffensive to all like the "Civil Marriage Protection Act" and defend it with language that is "beat the drums for justice" and with a message that makes themselves the saviors of a group of people, I worry about the real motives and the extent with which deep thought has gone into such a vast legal move.

I believe that all lifetime human committed relationships should have the legal protections of the state because they give to the state a stable population that contributes to the good of society in numerous ways. I do not believe that is the real issue here. Therefore I suspect the motives of the Annapolis power groups.

My wondering what the real motives of the politicians and lobbyists are can best be expressed in several questions. First, what fees will be raised by this move to raise these same-sex relationships to the state of marriage? Second, what will be the true affect upon retirement systems, health insurance costs, death benefits, etc.? Third, what business systems benefit the most from raising these relationships to the state of matrimony? Is it the legal system with divorce and pre-nuptial agreements? Is it the pre-marriage preparation community? Is it the marriage celebration businesses? Is it the counseling community? Fourth, how will this bill and its new understanding of marriage affect heterosexual relationships and their marriages?

If the answers to any of these questions is a far too quick "No effect." or "That isn't important" or "That is not an issue," beware.

From all that has been published in the Sunpapers, it seems that little real thought has gone into the effects of such a bill on the real people and their long-term relationships. Everyone wants to paint the decision in terms of "rights" and "justice." That worries me that the thought time put into such a momentous move has not been there and we, the people, will only find out what is in the bill and what it really changes after it has passed.

It is time for our representatives in Annapolis to serve us instead of themselves and the power groups that put money into their election campaigns. This is a very important decision that can affect many people in good ways and in very negative ones. Lets have a free and open discussion about it and not a behind doors manipulation for the benefit of a few political groups.

Michael Buttner, Forest Hill

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