Maryland now the 'fruitcake' state

February 28, 2011

In the Feb. 26 and 27 editions of The Sun , the newspaper attempted to support two issues that had previously been rejected by our state government. The issues were gay marriage and abolishing capital punishment. It appears that now our governor and many of our legislators are ready to support gay marriage and abolish the death penalty. What bothers me the most about these issues is the manner in which The Sun and our legislators are attempting to justify their position.

They are attempting to justify gay marriage by claiming it is a civil rights protection, and they are attempting to justify abolishing the death penalty by claiming it doesn't give closure to the victims. What these attempts to justify their position shows is that they believe we are stupid enough to believe their crap. The problem with these causes isn't that we have a bunch of fruitcakes pushing insanity down our throats but that we have enough fruitcakes in our state that buy their position. If they are so concerned about bringing closure to the victims of a serious crime, then execute the criminals. Stop playing around. Maryland is often labeled the "Old Line State" and the "Free State." I think we ought to re-name the state the "Fruitcake State."

Donald Frost, Essex

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