Recent actions suggest a need for a new women's rights movement

February 27, 2011

I was surprised to read of not one, but two attacks on women on the front page of The Sun last Saturday. The first, ("A Woman's Place — In the Home or at Work?, Feb. 19)," addressed proposed cuts to Head Start programs based on the opinion of Frederick County officials that mothers should stay home with their children. The second, ("Federal Agencies Brace for Cuts"), was about a proposed cut by Congress to Planned Parenthood.

While I fully support both these worthy programs, my outrage was for the attack on women. I was a product of the women's rights movement. I was able to be whatever I wanted to be. I was able to go to school, to have a career, and to pursue my own dreams of happiness. I felt respected as a valuable member of society.

The articles make me feel we have lost that respect, and that we have gone back to a time before women's rights. Are women now limited to motherhood? Do women have no right to make decisions about their own bodies and sexuality?

We look in horror at the treatment of women in many Muslim countries; their limited rights, the need to wear veils or be escorted by men. Yet these articles show a risk of losing our rights in this country. American conservatives are imposing their own morality on women and impacting our freedom. Will we need a new women's rights movement to protect ourselves, after 50 years of progress?

Julia Ruhnke, Havre de Grace

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