Marylanders must defend marriage

February 26, 2011

A vote for allowing people of the same sex to marry is a vote against all who have committed to a traditional marriage and for a continued erosion of the family. To all those who are under the assumption of what is wrong with it should read the proposed law approved by the state Senate. It is not civil union, it is called marriage. And let the politicians who support it be honest and profess their support of incest and bigamy as the measure will lead to incest and bigamy to be recognized as forms of marriage as well. Why not rename the law as the Gay, Incest and Bigamy Marriage Act and see how many people support it?

Let's not forget that traditional marriage is historical and is time-tested the world over for as long as anyone can remember and is recognized by almost all civilizations, long before the United States existed. Marriage between one man and one woman is a commitment created out of historical common sense religious beliefs and then recognized by states and the federal government. People do not enter into traditional marriage for the benefits. Yet benefits are the only issue and reason gays use to justify their cause.

The reason for traditional marriage is to create the environment for the raising and nurturing of children. It is a deep commitment. The reason we have so many problems with our youth today is directly linked to the breakdown of the traditional family.

As a married man, it will be insulting to have gays be able to claim they have made the same commitment as I have. It is most confusing to children. In addition, it is selfish and does not consider the rights of a child to have a mother and father. All gays highlight is their rights without any consideration of anyone else's rights

I know this as someone who lost my mother when I was 16. Even though I had a great and dedicated Dad, he could not be my mother any more than a mother can be a father. Nature and God created children from both a Mom and Dad and children are most successful when both raise them.

Rather than allowing gays to use the term marriage, let them have civil unions. I would rather the state of Maryland strip all of the rights bestowed to married couples rather than give gays the right to marry.

To the General Assembly, I say vote no to same-sex marriage. Defend marriage, children and families. If you do not have the courage then at least let the people decide through a referendum, as this affects everyone in the state. Let the citizens of Maryland decide just as they did on slot machines.

Greg Naylor

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