Q&A with UMBC midfielder Dave Brown

February 24, 2011|By Edward Lee, The Baltimore Sun

Each week, The Sun will publish a Q&A with an area college lacrosse player to get you more acquainted with the player and his or her team. Today's guest is Dave Brown, a sophomore midfielder for UMBC.

Question: You registered four goals and three assists in the team's season-opening 16-10 win against Presbyterian on Saturday. Is that what you anticipated doing?

Answer: No, I had no idea that was going to happen. I really just went out and played and let the game kind of come to me. It just so happened that I was in the right place at the right time, and I was just lucky enough to put my shots in the back of the net and make the right plays.

Q: You had one assist in 11 games as a freshman. What's been the key to your improvement?

A: It's a little bit more confidence because I am a year older, but it's also because I'm starting to understand the system more. The transition from high school to college is really big. A lot is in front of you when you're a freshman and it's hard to take it all in and learn everything. But now that I have a year under my belt, it's easier for me to understand the system, and when I make mistakes, it's easier for me to correct them. It really helps being a sophomore and understanding everything.

Q: What other schools recruited you when you were a student at The Hill School in Pottstown, Pa.?

A: I was really looking at Bucknell and Delaware. And then I was looking at some D-III schools like Haverford. I was also looking at Dartmouth for a while.

Q: What attracted you to UMBC?

A: Really, it was Coach Zim [Don Zimmerman]. I look at him as one of the best coaches in the NCAA. I read some articles about him and a lot of the players that graduated before talked about how they really liked the way he handled everything and how they learned so much from him. He really focuses on fundamentals, and that's what every lacrosse player needs to get better at.

Q: UMBC has been left out of the conversation when it comes to contenders for the America East championship and the national title. How does that sit with you?

A: Not too well. But it doesn't bother me too much because if no one is talking about us, that's how we like it. We like to be the underdogs and come out of nowhere and just shock people. Hopefully, teams will take us lightly and that will be more to our advantage. Of course, we want to be at the top when you're talking about the America East and the NCAAs. That's something to work on, but we're all playing with a chip on our shoulders this year to fix that.


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