Your turn: If the Ravens could draft any player this year...?

February 24, 2011|By Matt Vensel

The Ravens have a few things on their shopping list for the NFL draft, but the top prospects will be scooped up by the time they step up to the podium for pick No. 26. But what if the Ravens somehow were handed the top pick in the draft?

Yes, I know, this isn't going to happen. But a little fantasy drafting should be fun to discuss.

In this hypothetical, the Ravens could take one of the draft's elite cornerbacks in Patrick Peterson or Prince Amukamara. They could select A.J. Green or Julio Jones to add a big-play receiver to the offense. Or they could add a dangerous pass rusher in Da'Quan Bowers or Von Miller.

Heck, they could even take Cam Newton if they wanted to.

You tell me: If you're filling in for Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome and you can have any player in this year's NFL draft, who would you take?

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