House chairman typical of Annapolis office-holders who act as gods

February 24, 2011

I wonder why Del. Joseph F. Vallario Jr., chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, refuses to answer when questioned about vehicular manslaughter legislation. At last check I found that those people elected to the House and Senate represent the people in their district and are not the appointed of God. His vote on any bill is certainly his choice but should really represent what the people in his district want. By what authority does he stop legitimate legislation from going before the full body to be voted on and then refuse to say why he has taken these steps?

Too many of these long-term politicians seem to act like little gods when they assume command of various committees and other so-called leadership positions. The House and Senate leaders are a prime example, along with Mr. Vallario.

This kind of behavior makes the term limit concept seem like the thing to do. Serve two terms and then go home.

Patrick M. Lynch, Glen Burnie

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