No to Subway in Ellicott City

February 24, 2011

As a long time resident, I am against the opening of a chain Subway restaurant in Historic Ellicott City ("Subway franchise's entry riles Ellicott City," Feb. 24). Do we not have enough access to Subway restaurants in our surrounding neighborhoods? Do we really want the unique, quaint atmosphere of Main Street to be turned into just another homogenous strip mall? We already have a pawn shop, complete with ultra-tacky walking billboards, as well as numerous high density housing developments planned just around the corner, proposing to bring hundreds of new residents to the area.

There is a standard development pattern here that I have seen time and again: Put up as many high density housing units as allowed, then fill in the few remaining green areas with chain restaurants, shops and strip malls. I moved to the Ellicott City area because it was anti-homogenous. Now the powers-that-be appear to be twisting it in a new, completely distasteful direction.

I do make an effort to support independent Ellicott City businesses whenever I can in order to prevent this mass marketing homogeneity. However, I will not patronize Subway or any chain restaurant or shop in the historic area. I would rather go to independent Johnny's Bistro or Cacao Lane nearby and get my sandwich.

Amy Bourasseau, Ellicott City

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