Homosexuality is not a 'lifestyle choice'

February 24, 2011

Rev. Gregory Perkins' letter "Marriage is ordained by God" (Feb. 22) states that Christians "do not hate men and women caught up in the homosexual lifestyle" (italics mine).  Though I am heterosexual, I presume that Rev. Perkins does not consider me a Christian because I do not accept some of the doctrines of the so-called "Christian" right wing -- including restricting the rights of those who want to spend their lives in a monogamous relationships.

Medical science has proven that some people are born homosexual, and that homosexuality is not a "lifestyle" choice. Did God make a mistake when he created some individuals homosexual? (I'm looking around for the lightning bolts). 

The proposed same-sex marriage law addresses legal rights; it does not mandate changes to religious belief. 

There used to be laws in the South that made it illegal for whites and African-Americans to intermarry. Good "Christian" ministers sermonized against intermarriage of any type and even quoted the Bible to back their arguments up. 

Being of Mexican descent (both sets of my grandparents immigrated to pick crops), I recall girls not wanting to date me when I was in college in the '60s because I wasn't "white enough." My Caucasian wife and I also have had problems with some "good Christians" who disapproved of us and our "mixed race" children.

Those individuals definitely would have not allowed or approved my daughter marrying my African-American son-in-law (a Naval Academy grad) -- and I would not have their beautiful child as a grandson.

Ultimately, we are talking about basic human rights, not religious reliefs. Those of Rev. Perkins' ilk can continue in their beliefs, but they should not be allowed to impose their beliefs and restrictions on the rest of us.

Robert Loya


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