Unions should scale down

February 24, 2011

The President of the Maryland and DC AFL-CIO, Fred D. Mason JR says that public workers are under attack because "people are confused. Everybody is suffering, but workers should not be blamed for the economic crisis. These are systemic problems." ( "Md. unions watching Wisconsin closely," Feb.22) He is right to say that workers should not be blamed for the poor economy. An analogy might be used to clear up the confusion. Workers benefits don't cause poor economic times. That would be like saying that the high-end expensive car I drive caused our problems.

Now let's take the analogy a little further. If I am hard pressed by the economy's systemic problems, it would be a good idea to eliminate my high car payments. But if my car payments are made by my neighbor, what the heck I am going to keep the Jag, regardless if my neighbor is hurting and he only drives a Junker. Actually Mr. Mason, we are "getting it in the end."

Susan Kiesling, Perry Hall.

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