Flacco was 'the king of holding the ball too long' in 2010

February 23, 2011|By Matt Vensel

I'm amazed that someone actually took the time to do this, but Fanhouse blogger JJ Cooper timed the sacks taken by NFL quarterbacks in 2010. And guess what? Joe Flacco took more three-plus-second sacks than every other quarterback in the NFL, earning him the title of "king of holding the ball too long."

According to Cooper, the Ravens quarterback took sacks on 25 plays where he held the ball for more than three seconds. That was five more than Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, who was second on the list. Why did Cooper pick 3.1 seconds? "It's a pretty fair cutoff point for where a sack can no longer be blamed on a quarterback's blockers," he explained in this post.

So what does this mean? I'm not really sure, but hey, at least we know for a fact that Flacco is a top-10 QB in at least one area.

The Ravens' pass protection was suspect this year as the team allowed 40 sacks, and some of that falls on Flacco for not reading the defense and getting the ball out of his hands quickly. But Flacco hasn't forced too many ill-advised throws and he has also shown flashes of that Roethlisbergian ability to shrug off tacklers and extend plays, which can be a good thing -- when he doesn't actually take a sack.

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