Jurors to deliberate for third day in Williams stabbing trial

Trial to determine whether man who stabbed wife outside court is guilty of manslaughter or murder

February 23, 2011|By Tricia Bishop, The Baltimore Sun

Jurors in the trial of Cleaven Williams, who fatally stabbed his wife seven times outside a Baltimore courthouse in 2008, are having trouble reaching a consensus and will continue deliberating for a third day Thursday.

Shortly after 4 p.m. Wednesday, members sent a note to Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Timothy J. Doory that appeared to indicate they were having trouble reaching a verdict, and he instructed them to keep at it. They asked to go home for the day about an hour later through another note that mentioned "bickering" and "mixed emotions," according to a clerk's reading of the letter, which could be overheard in the courtroom.

Jurors are weighing whether Williams is guilty of manslaughter or murder in the death of his wife, Veronica Williams. He says he was provoked into a rage by the victim and never intended to kill her, while prosecutors say he planned the murder and left a note confessing to the crime.


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