Gay marriage is a distraction

February 23, 2011

It constantly amazes me what liberals find important. Unemployment is over 9 percent, the budget deficit is at a record high, states across the country are in fiscal disarray, gas prices have risen 75 percent since President Obama took office, and the Middle East is engulfed in political turmoil. Yet with all these nightmare scenarios, Martin O'Malley and the legislature want us to focus on gay marriage. Are they kidding?

Less than a year ago, representatives of the so-called "gay" community sat down with the Maryland legislature to discuss "civil unions." Obviously, those plans weren't enough for the left-wing loons. This proposition is not about equal rights or anything resembling it. It's nothing more than the homosexual community's smoke screen to later indoctrinate our children through the state education system.

The facts are there. Once this nonsensical bill is approved, the timing will be right to begin teaching our kids why this lifestyle is "normal" and "natural."

I personally don't give a damn what people do in the privacy of their homes, but I don't need regulators and low-end educators to explain why there is "something wrong with me" because I don't understand their bizarre lifestyle.

Instead of putting the question to the liberals in Annapolis, let's have the people of Maryland vote on a ballot question. That will obviously never happen because the state delegates know that it would never pass. Even the land of "fruits and nuts" (California) voted it down.

Stop attempting to placate the whackos and start governing on issues of real importance.

Mark T. Pfaff, Towson

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