Natural law: marriage is between a man and a woman

February 23, 2011

Our Constitution acknowledges the existence of absolute and unchangeable natural law. Natural law is discerned by the use of reason. Reason has long discerned that the male and female bodies are constructed for the begetting of offspring; offspring in need of the complementary mother and father role models. Reason discerns that society significantly recognizes and supports this natural relationship for the good of society. Society has wisely done so for generations, until recent years. In recent years, marriage as consisting of one man united with one woman, is being attacked and undermined.

Legislators and citizens of Maryland ask yourselves why do gays demand "marriage"? There must be something very desirable about that word. After all, gays already have all the state laws necessary to care for and support one another in committed relationships. This is not a civil rights issue. Love has nothing to do with it. Religious beliefs have nothing to do with it. Marriage is the long-honored term for the union of one man and one woman, and no demand by any faction will change that. Marriage so defined deserves the continued support of Maryland's legislators and citizens.

Margaret McFarland, Laurel

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