We need to reassess public employee unions

February 22, 2011

Please let me start my thoughts with this disclaimer: I have no animosity toward government employees. By and large their service enables our society to function, and almost all do their jobs well.

That said, there are millions of citizens who wonder why unions are in government and worry even more that an entity of the government can petition and plea and ply with campaign contributions those elected and entrusted with the purse strings of taxpayers money. What will happen when the great and vast maw of government overwhelms the private sector? Could we be witnessing the beginning of a great reckoning throughout our land? How many of the now unemployed or those still working but with reduced wages and benefits will even remotely sympathize with those Wisconsin employees being asked to scale back?

Wisconsin is merely the first pimple of a great rash that will soon begin to itch and annoy governments of all levels. Even if these state employees prevail, the pain will reappear in a different form.

Government of and for and by the people was perhaps Abraham Lincoln's most salient thought in his brilliant Gettysburg Address. Government of and for and by the government is a tragic misstep betraying our country's basic ideals.

Edward Rutkowski

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