A government shutdown would be a disaster

February 22, 2011

What exactly is wrong with our elected officials? The Republicans who want to shut down the government are absurd and preposterous. People depend on Social Security and other government programs. For some, it is the only way they can eat, keep a roof over their heads and buy their prescription medications. It is inconceivable that they can even consider something this drastic.

My mother is 78 years old and gets Social Security. I was just laid off because the company was shut down and am getting unemployment. Bills have to be paid, food needs to be on the table, my blood pressure prescriptions need to be refilled. If the Democrats had gone to the polls this past election and voted, I don't think this would even be an issue. Maybe now this will be a wake-up call for those fly-by-night voters. Look at what has happened.

Cheryl Ragsdale

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