Let's rename Negro Mountain … and White Marsh

February 22, 2011

The controversy over the naming of Negro Mountain is really just the tip of the iceberg. As a white person, I have long been offended every time I drive by White Marsh Mall. "White" is a term that we just don't use anymore. Therefore we should change everything to do with White Marsh to Caucasian Marsh so the racially explosive terminology is wiped clean and we can protect future generations from the bigotry that has long tainted that place that is next to Perry Hall. Then we'll need to deal with the deeply disturbing towns of Indian Head, Berlin and Rising Sun.

Seriously? The lawmakers pushing this legislation from Baltimore, the crumbling, crime and drug ridden, bankrupt and corrupt city that has been in a robust state of decline for decades, have their house in order and so much spare time on their hands that they need to concern themselves with the name of a mountain that is far from their jurisdiction? Baltimore voters take note.

D. Ebbert, Bel Air

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