Your turn: Which pro sport has the best All-Star game?

February 21, 2011|By Matt Vensel

Kobe Bryant scored 37 points as the West beat the East, 148-143, in Sunday's NBA All-Star game. He beat out LeBron James, who piled up a triple-double in a losing effort, for MVP honors.

Those statlines tell you everything you need to know about the effort in the defensive end, but hey, that's how these All-Star games go.

And that's why I had more fun watching Justin Bieber go head-to-head with MTV "Rock 'N' Jock" alum Michael Rapaport in Friday's celebrity game. That game was much more entertaining than the real one, though that's not saying very much.

You tell me: Which of the major professional sports here in the United States has the best All-Star game?

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