O'Malley's perpetual distortions and manipulations

February 21, 2011

The more we hear and read words spoken by Gov. Martin O'Malley, the more we must shake our heads in disbelief. Does this governor really expect us to believe his perpetual distortions and manipulations? Is he so desirous of wanting to be noticed by the Obama camp as a future vice-presidential candidate that he will say anything to conform to their fabrications and false promises?

Consider the following statement by Governor O'Malley in his Baltimore Sun commentary ("O'Malley: Obama's model is working in Maryland," Feb. 15): "After eight years in which Washington squandered record surpluses in favor of record deficits, all of us, regardless of party, can agree that progress is only possible with fiscal responsibility and restraint. As the president said in Baltimore County, we can only invest in the future if the federal government starts living within its own means."

What in the world do you mean to imply, governor? Is this yet another shot at the Bush administration? Do you mean to imply that the unprecedented, astronomical, out of control spending of the Obama administration during the last two years is anywhere near comparable to that of his predecessor? And how can anyone accept President Obama's injunction that "the federal government start living within its own means" as anything but complete hypocrisy, especially in the light of the minimal and cowardly budget that he delivered just last week! No mention whatsoever of dealing with entitlements! Not one recommendation from the very budget commission he himself appointed!

And consider these words spoken by our governor at the Democratic Governors Association this past Saturday night: The Republicans live in a world where "there is no need to pay bills, no need to protect bond ratings, no need to invest in the future. Down is up, up is down; candy is a vegetable, and vegetables are candy." ("O'Malley delivers first address as DGA chair," Feb. 19.) These words are a simplistic pile of politically worded garbage! What in the world does Mr. O'Malley think that so many governors, in particular newly elected Republicans, are now trying to do to solve the terrific, accumulated debt problems that have been caused by the failure to take courageous and corrective action by previous Democratic administrations in their respective states!

And may we ask what the state of Maryland is going to do about dealing with its own overspending? What is the level of our state government's fiscal discipline? How does Maryland compare with other states in terms of corporate and income taxes? Are we a welcoming state to businesses and corporations and families who might consider moving here? Does the governor intend to continue to survive on one-time transfers and tax hikes? Furthermore, does the governor, like the president, intend to continue to engage in demagoguery as his primary modus operandi in dealing with opponents and the political opposition party?

Redmond C.S. Finney, Upperco

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