Negro Mountain debate: Leave history alone

February 21, 2011

I wish to comment on the issue of renaming Negro Mountain and Polish Mountain in Western Maryland, which seems to be a hot topic before the state legislature this session. Seems to me that in lieu of a severely mounting state deficit, high unemployment and other pressing matters which are literally consuming this state's resources, some of our state representatives find it necessary to waste valuable time and resources on this endeavor.

These mountains were duly named back in their time to hail accomplishments by their namesakes, and I find it offensive to change that. If you recall several years ago it was proposed that the state song "Maryland, My Maryland" be changed to reflect a kinder and gentler state, I suppose. To me this is going too far to appease a few who wish to ignore a state rich in history which should be left alone.

Hopefully those responsible for these thoughts will see the majority of us like things just the way they are.

Richard O. Price II, Bel Air

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