Distracted driving menace

February 20, 2011

While it was a step in the right direction to ban texting while driving, it would be even more sensible to outlaw cell phone use altogether by drivers, including reading text messages while behind the wheel.

There are enough problems on the roads already without drivers who clearly are cell-phone preoccupied and otherwise oblivious. Too many examples of this kind of behavior still exist, despite the so-called ban on cell phone use. I was recently in a fender-bender caused by a driver distracted by her phone.

While it is a frequent argument that drivers perform all sorts of other activities behind the wheel -- eating, applying make-up, conversing with passengers -- it is clear that cell phone use represents a whole different level of self-absorption, and hence lack of attention to the road.

It is not only common sense but an inarguable fact that distracted drivers are a frightening, deadly menace on the roads.

I implore legislators to put an end to the madness.

Jaye Dansicker


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