A 'black holocaust'? That's taking things too far

February 17, 2011

The competing rallies outside the Baltimore City courthouse on Feb. 16 were, in almost all respects, expressions of American freedom at its best ("Protesters gather as brothers plead not guilty in beating," Feb. 17).

However, one sign went beyond the pale of appropriate discourse. It said "Bernstein promotes black holocaust."

Does any rational person think that State's Attorney Gregg Bernstein (or anyone in the Jewish community) wishes to unleash genocide against the African-American community?

Some seek to exploit the incident that gave rise to these demonstrations to inflame relations between the Jewish and African-American communities. Signs of this nature further that objective.

In Baltimore, these two communities have an enviable history of mutual respect and harmony. Let's keep it that way.

Searle E. Mitnick, Baltimore

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