Two major issues for NFL in CBA

February 16, 2011|By Ken Murray, The Baltimore Sun

Deciding how to split up $9 billion in revenues is the biggest obstacle in gaining a new collective bargaining agreement for the NFL, but not the only one. These are the two other contentious issues:

Expanded, 18-game regular season: Owners want to convert two unattractive — but full-priced — preseason games into regular-season paydays. Among the concessions they'll have to consider are increasing the roster, reducing the amount of contact players are allowed in practice, and enhancing the post-career healthcare package.

Rookie wage scale: The owners want to avoid paying exorbitant salaries to first-round picks and especially first-round busts. Ravens cornerback Domonique Foxworth doesn't agree with the proposed slotting system: "The difficult thing for me to grasp is why the responsibility falls on us to fix the mistakes that the front offices make." If it happens, the savings could go toward improving long-term healthcare for the players.

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