O's manager Showalter: "There are no Cinderellas in baseball"

February 16, 2011|By Matt Vensel

If I were lucky enough to land an hour-long interview with Buck Showalter, I would spend about 59 minutes sitting in awe of the most interesting manager in the world. WBAL's Gerry Sandusky got to sit down with Showalter for a lengthy Q&A session and he made much better use of the time than I would have.

There was a lot of good stuff in Sandusky's interview -- I admit I'm jealous -- and my favorite part was when Sandusky mentioned to Showalter that Cal Ripken once told him that "the greatest purity of baseball is the 162-game season" because "it's just long enough that it will out any fraud."

"There are no Cinderellas in baseball," Showalter said. "You don't have anybody playing in the World Series in October that's a Cinderella. Your weaknesses will show up and your strengths will show up. You got through some periods when you play a lot better than you are when you get a return for it, and there are some periods where you don't get a return with what you've put into it. But during the course of the season, it does equal out and you do seek your level -- and we will and we'll play better."

So I guess Showalter won't be fitting the Orioles for glass cleats down in Sarasota.

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