Under Armour shows manufacturing isn't dead in Md.

February 16, 2011

Thanks to The Sun for its editorial on Under Armour, one of Maryland's great "next generation manufacturing" (NextGen) companies ("Under Armour protects its house," Feb. 16). Kevin Plank and his team continue to prove that the future of Maryland manufacturing is in innovation and new product development based on customer needs. There are many other NextGen Maryland manufacturing companies. They are often identified as high-tech, bio-tech and nano-tech companies rather than manufacturing. In reality, technology drives growth in all of Maryland's globally competitive manufacturing companies. Armed with technology and innovation, Under Armour and Baltimore County-based Lion Brothers prove that even in the apparel sector, companies can compete globally with the right leadership and the right workers.

Michael Galiazzo, Sparks

The writer is president of the Regional Manufacturing Institute.

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