When you go to the theater, turn off your cell phone

February 15, 2011

Recently we attended a brilliant performance of Harold Pinter's "The Homecoming" at Center Stage. Unfortunately, the performance was marred by the audience's behavior. Mr. Pinter is famous for his "pregnant pauses" when nothing is said but everything is implied. Even though the Center Stage staff made the announcement to silence cell phones and other devices, a chorus of cell phones could be heard during the first act of the performance and during the all important pauses. In desperation, the announcement was made again before the second act, but the tones would still not be quelled completely.

But lest you think this is the typical rant against the younger generation, I would estimate that most of the audience attending this matinee performance was, like us, over 50. In fact, the cell phone tones were joined by the whistling of hearing aids and the loud whispers, "What did he/she say?"

Come on Baltimore theatergoers, these people work hard on these performances. Get a little class. You are old enough to know better.

Linda Rains Allman, Phoenix

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