Teacher buyout will hurt education

February 15, 2011

Baltimore City and the entire state face severe budget cuts to education. Those cuts will no doubt affect the classroom teaching no matter how the cuts are delivered. The Sun's editorial ("Alonso's buyout plan: putting the best teachers in the classroom," Feb. 15) expresses that the buyout for Baltimore City teachers will not impact the classroom, but the loss of teachers, any school's most valuable resource, will adversely effect teaching and learning.

That is why we need to oppose budget cuts to public education. Advocates for Children and Youth along with other education advocates from around the state will push back against the state's budget cuts, but Maryland will also need to raise revenue to close budget gaps and avoid massive teacher layoffs. We will all need to tighten our belts to maintain Maryland's status as No. 1 in public education and to provide quality schooling to Maryland's children.

Jessica Shiller, Baltimore

The writer is education director of Advocates for Children and Youth.

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